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 Lake Geographic Township County Latitude Longitude
  Haggart Lake   Freeman Muskoka 45°06'29" 79°44'51" W
  Haines Lake   McDougall and Foley Parry Sound 45°20'59" 79°56'53" W
  Hamer Lake   Humphrey Parry Sound 45°14'08" 79°47'31" W
  Hamilton Lake   Machar Parry Sound 45°53'21" 79°26'29" W
  Hardup Lake   Sinclair Muskoka 45°23'32" 78°58'44" W
  Hardy Lake   Wood Muskoka 45°00'20" 79°32'05" W
  Harp Lake   Chaffey Muskoka 45°22'45" 79°08'06" W
  Harper Lake   Medora Muskoka 45.067 N 79.664 W
  Harris Lake   Ferguson Parry Sound 45°28'36" 79°59'18" W
  Harris Lake   Wallbridge and Harrison Parry Sound 45°41'57" 80°22'55" W
  Harrison Lake   Ryerson Parry Sound 45°33'25" 79°33'46" W
  Hart Lake   Bethune Parry Sound 45°30'29" 79°04'58" W
  Hart Lake   Oakley Muskoka 45.052 N 79.042 W
  Hart Lake   Wood Muskoka 44°54'42" 79°34'43" W
  Hart's Lake   Wood Muskoka 45°00'55" 79°40'38" W
  Harvey Lake   McClintock Haliburton 45°17'30" 78°50'21" W
  Hassard Lake   Bethune & Perry Parry Sound 45.569 N 79.219 W
  Hatch Lake   Blair Parry Sound 45°56'05" 80°15'20" W
  Hawe Lake   Laurier Parry Sound 45°55'49" 79°18'05" W
  Healey Lake   Conger Parry Sound 45°09'53" 79°55'03" W
  Healey Lake   Macaulay Muskoka 45°04'57" 79°11'23" W
  Heaslip Lake   Foley Parry Sound 45°21'51" 79°53'34" W
  Heck Lake   Sinclair Muskoka 45°27'40" 79°02'03" W
  Heney Lake   McLean Muskoka 45°07'39" 79°06'13" W
  Heinbecker Lake   Chapman Parry Sound 45.689 N  79.536 W
  Hellangone Lake   Conger Parry Sound 45°09'58" 79°48'16" W
  Helve Lake   Sinclair Muskoka 45°23'10" 78°58'49" W
  Henry Lake   Chapman Parry Sound 45°40'06" 79°31'30" W
  Henshaw Lake   Medora Muskoka 45°05'54" 79°35'26" W
  Hesners Lake   Wood Muskoka 45°00'52" 79°38'36" W
  High Lake   Livingstone Haliburton 45.427 N 78.732 W
  High Lake   Watt Muskoka 45°14'09" 79°29'54" W
  Himbury Lake   Proudfoot Parry Sound 45°36'20" 79°12'17" W
  Hinsburger Lake   Ballantyne Nipissing 45°58'25" 79°13'58" W
  Holts Lake   Ballantyne Nipissing 45.942 N 79.127 W
  Home Lake   Harrison Parry Sound 45.643 N 80.432 W
  Home Lake   McDougall Parry Sound 45°22'07" 79°56'27" W
  Hoover Lake   Bethune Parry Sound 45.515 N 79.133 W
  Horn Lake   Chapman and Ryerson Parry Sound 45°40'03" 79°29'11" W
  Horn Lake   Monteith Parry Sound 45°23'43" 79°36'38" W
  Horner's Lake   Ridout Muskoka 45.194 N 78.949 W
  Horseshoe Lake   Foley Parry Sound 45°18'22" 79°50'53" W
  Horseshoe Lake   Harrison Parry Sound 45°38'42" 80°17'02" W
  Hughes Lake   Chapman Parry Sound 45°42'01" 79°34'22" W
  Hungry Lake   Bethune Parry Sound 45°32'22" 79°01'50" W
  Hungry Lake   Wilson Parry Sound 45.843 N 79.959 W
  Hunter’s Lake   McMurrich Parry Sound 45.463 N 79.467 W
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Lake Fact Sheets
Basic information such as lake statistics, fish species occurrence and fisheries management data.

Fish Stocking
Which lakes in Parry Sound-Muskoka are stocked with fish?

Fisheries Assessment Reports
Fisheries studies conducted on various lakes in Parry Sound and Muskoka.

A list of contacts and links for more information.